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International Forum On Vocational Training

On October 24, 2023, the International Forum on Vocational Training was organized under the theme Upskilling the logistics workforce and promoting industry in the...

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Launch of skills forecast for Vietnam’s port industry 2024-2028

Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) attended a meeting: “VET Project progress review for 2023 and finalising workplan until December 2025.


International Forum On Vocational Training

Brief report in attending Vietnam International Logistics Exhibition 2023


GEDSI – an opportunity for the disadvantaged

Disabled people need better access to education

Inclusion activities rolled out in Vietnam



AIS hosts Australian-Government funded delegation strengthening Australia’s partnership with Vietnam

AIS continues skills development partnership with Vietnam

Collective knowledge to build occupational standards in logistics

Human Resource Development for the Logistics Industry and Future Trends in Vietnam

New charter endorsed by Vietnam’s LIRC



AIS assists in developing new skills framework in Vietnam

Adoption of international standards in vocational education and training

Vietnam’s Logistics sector facing a shortage of highly skilled workforce

The vocational college without a day off

An ideal system in vocational education and training for logistics sector



Australia supports the promotion of industry linkages with vocational education and training in Vietnam

Logistics training and education in Ho Chi Minh City: Industry-led Vocational Education and training model

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