On October 24, 2023, the International Forum on Vocational Training was organized under the theme Upskilling the logistics workforce and promoting industry in the digital era.

Mr. Vu Ninh – Chairman of LIRC, as a panel speaker, shared reality-based perspectives on vocational training from corporate representatives.

According to him, developing quality workforce through vocational training is a necessity. Businesses need qualified and highly-skilled workers to serve their operations. This helps businesses save costs and achieve expected results. Lately, for every person with a university degree, only 0.42 people participate in vocational training. This ratio is quite unbalanced when compared with other countries around the world. For example, Australia, for every person with a university degree, 3 or 5 people participate in vocational training. Thus, Vietnam needs to have appropriate policy framework to attract more people to participate in vocational training.

In addition, at the forum, Ms. Bui Thi Ninh – Head of the LIRC Secretariat has led the panel discussion with questions relating to the current situation of vocational training in Vietnam and Australia, as well as lessons and future directions for attendees from vocational training institutions, businesses, and VCCI. The discussion session happened under the tight close to the issues that businesses and schools are concerned about in human resource training. The sharing of information among parties at the forum, (also the way LIRC operates), creates strong connection and provide helpful industry information to serve the training of workforce with incredibly high skills.

Furthermore, with the attendance of the  Can Tho Association of People with Disabilities and the disadvantaged, it promotes humanity at Forum. During digitialization, according to Dr. Vo Thi Hoang Yen, approaching to opportunities for individual groups will not be equal if we do not pay attention to this the disabled, for the reason that no one is left behind.

LIRC’s attendance at the forum not only helps us  to access new perspectives for workforce training for the logistics industry, but also shares the experiences, difficulties and challenges that we face in vocational education in general in the current context of digital transformation

Some pictures at the forum

  1. Le Tan Dung, Deputy The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social gave opening speech at the forum.

Mr. Le Tan Dung - Deputy Minister of Labour, War Invalids & Social Affairs;

  1. Andrew Goledzinoski, Australian Ambassador in Vietnam, gave opening speech and shared his vision on developing the logistics workforce.

2. Mr. Andrew Goledzinoski- Australian Ambassador to Vietnam

  1. Bui Thi Ninh, Head of the Secretariat of LIRC, led the panel discussion.

3. Ms. Bui Thi Ninh, Head of the Secretariat of the Logistics Skills Advisory Council (LIRC)

  1. Vu Ninh, Chairman of LIRC, shares corporate perspectives on vocational education .

4. Mr. Vu Ninh, Chairman of LIRC

  1. Panel discussion at the forum

Discussion session at the forum